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Travel Industry Registration - AATC 2017 - Details
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Where: Atlantic City, New Jersey , Atlantic City, NJ (US).
Event description:

The African American Travel Conference (AATC) is an association of 2,500 travel planners, serving the African American community.

The Travel Industry of America (TIA) reports that the African American community travels twice as often on a group package tour as the population as a whole, and we at AATC act as the source between these Travel Planners and the Travel Industry.

We look forward to your attendance at the annual AATC Confrence to increase your travel skills or reach the travel groups of this vast and welcoming audience... Experience the Possibilities!

Registration options:
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AATC Travel Industry (Member) $ 1,195.00
AATC Travel Industry (Non-member) $ 1,395.00
AATC Travel Industry Membership $ 395.00

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